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I just realized inking makes everything so much tidier. Yes, I’ve been too lazy to ink my drawings before this. And hoorah for screentones. If screentones were to be advertised, their tagline must have been “Easily make your drawings look professional!” Haha. Easily abused too, though.

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    I saw that you accidentally used Pita Ten info for ROD TV (Actually, this occurs quite a few times, for The Cat Returns, Figure 17, Gundam Seed, Love Hina, Macross Plus, Mahoromatic and Kino’s Travels.) on your website.

    Otherwise than that, nice website! I liked how you separated things into different sections.

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      oh hi… Yea that anime site of mine is actually (regrettably) a half-dumped project, so all the reviews are actually just place holders. In other words, you’re not meant to be reading it! Hahaha…

      I might get around finishing it up, but then again maybe not.

      But really, thanks for dropping a comment still, though. I really appreciate that.

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    It looks beauuuutiful! She looks so serene. Wonderful use of screentones. My only question is about the instrument in her hand. Is that a guitar or a violin? If it’s a guitar, the perspective makes it look too small, and the way she’s holding it makes it seem too lightweight.

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      you just nailed the part i’m not very satisfied with!
      it’s supposed to be a guitar. i know it looks too small. but in that perspective, it’s SO~ hard to draw!! it took me ages to draw, and still it doesn’t look really right, so i kinda gave up.

      is it really obvious, or have you got a real good eye? i guess both? haha…

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    I like it! I didn’t think about whether it was a violin or guitar until Rhymeasaurus said something. But other wise that’s a great use of screentones.

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    I guess I’m way late on this train…

    but I had no idea that you even draw. This is gorgeous!

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      um, yea, i do post my drawings now and then in my LJ… perhaps they all escaped your attention, haha…

      but thanks heaps for the comment!!

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    nice.. :)

    hey aren’t you supposed to be on holiday or something? heard that my friends from your uni are back in M’sia for their holidays already.

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      yea i am on holidays right now.
      i’ll be going back to M’sia in 2 weeks time – waiting for my bro here to finish his exams.

      it’s my last ever summer holiday. sob sob.

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    lookin’ good der! <3 It's hard to do perspective pics, so kudos to yous. ^^ Screentones are very easily abused and overdone sometimes :X but the way you did them isn't those at all!

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    I really like this drawing. It’s a great angle. But I think that the guitar should be more foreshortened. As it is, it looks like a really small guitar, but (I think) you were going for it’s a normal sized guitar receding into the bg, right? More foreshortening.

    I agree with everyone else about the screentones. Very well utilized here.

    Very good job, overall.

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      Yup, I do agree that the guitar should be more foreshortened… But I’ve already spent ages just to get it to this stage. That angle’s too tough for me with an irregularly-shaped object like a guitar haha…

      Thanks for commenting though!

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        heh, I know what you mean, I often have the same problem.

        And you’re very welcome. 8^)

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    it reminds me of a calm version of the Vespa girl from FLCL.

    I like it. it’s nice in its subtlety.

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      FLCL is one crazy anime haha… Guitars, baseballs, giant robots, fast and furious to the end.

      Thanks for commenting!

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    A cute girl… I wish I were like her. :)

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    Did you actually draw the picture? If you did I’ll print it and add it to my collection. Or use it as a picture in Friendster. That is, if you don’t mind though. (^_^) If you didn’t…it still looks great. Nothing will change. Haha!!

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      Yup I drew the pic. Yeah you can print it or add it in your Friendster as long as it’s properly acknowledged :>

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    Wow, that’s a really nice pic. I wish I had your talent =) Girls with guitars rock! [no pun intended?] lol.

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      I have to agree with you that girls with guitars rock, which is really why I wanted to draw this, haha. But I’m really not that good, trust me. I draw *reallly* slowly and I need references for many postures/angles.

      Thanks for commenting!

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        I wouldn’t say that using references makes you a not-so-good artist. Alex Ross, the amazing photorealistic comic book painter (I assume he does other stuff, but I mainly see his work in the context of comics — see ‘Marvels’ and ‘Kingdom Come’ for good examples) paints most of his stuff from reference photos that he takes of his friends/colleagues/himself. Even the best artists use references. It’s part of the process. What makes you a good artist isn’t how you create (as long as you don’t plagiarize/xerox, hehe), but the quality of what you create. And this is definitely a quality work. 8^) Sorry, I’m chatting up a storm on your comments.

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          no worries about that lol.

          and yea, thanks for the compliment once again. i sometimes feel as though i love drawing so much that i’d take a year (or two) off medicine and study in an art college… wild thoughts, haha! not sure if i’d still have the same passion if i actually was studying art.

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    i heart very much XD

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    Wow! That’s super pretty! And I don’t care how you did the color, it’s great. XP And yes, she is ever-so-slightly reminiscient of Haruko. Except for the general air of sanity, of course.

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      It’s basically a monochrome pic (because I’m so lazy). Adjusted the hue so that it’s violet-ish instead of grey-ish. And applied some yellow tint to the scarf, so that it stands out (don’t ask me why). Not as impressive when explained, eh? Haha.

      Thanks for commenting! The Haruko in my mind is still a guitar-bashing alien with a flying Vespa… =_=!

  14. Anonymous
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    Nice drawing! Yea,I do agree that girls with guitar rocks,which is why I’ve been longing so much to learn guitar as well as drums!Girl drummer looks really cool!!Hehe..=P
    Anyway,happy holiday to u.Do enjoy!!


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      Girl drummers rock too! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one with an admiration for girl guitarists and drummers haha… Speaking of which, I admire girl inline-skaters too. Um, that was random, ay.

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    I’ve always enjoyed ur drawings, including this one. Tho it may not be perfect but they (your drawings) are ever so captivating ;)


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    I like this…Its great! *hearts Its really good ^^No wonder a lot of people commented…

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    *ahem* Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I love this drawing! Yeah, it’s really awesome. :nods: Do you mind if I friend you? ^_^;;

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      sorry for the late reply!!
      yup, i added you back! it’s my honor :)

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        Oh yay!! Thank you! ^_^

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