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I update!! I know it has been too long. This LiveJournal collects dust. I wonder how much it is remembered; I wonder if it matters at all.

Creating is a big part of what I enjoy. It is not because I am smart or dumb, not because I am left or right-handed. It is because God has made everybody different, and I am glad He has.

I love drawing. I love designing. I think up of stories that snatch me away. Recently I made some videos and I had so much fun experimenting with sound, choreography and script. I have always dreamed of writing an orchestral and choir piece one day too. How good or bad I am is not the point, but rather that it captivates me so much. I want to use it for a purpose that matters – because would anything have any meaning otherwise?

Then one day not too long ago, I realized this LiveJournal is one such channel. Therefore I would like to keep this LiveJournal going.

That is my newfound inspiration. Sort of.
I have a backlog of stories to tell. Bear with me.

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    I’d love to see some of your new drawings and creations! Hope everyting’s going well. I know my livejournal collects dust too, but it can be fun when you need it.

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      i posted my entry and then was editing it for so long, that when i re-posted it, you had already commented! haha.

      anyways, thanks for relating. i enjoy reading about your courses and trips too. take care!

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    The dust collecting part, I can relate somehow. Hehehe… It’s nice to see you posting something eye-catching once in a while. I hope to see your drawings too!


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      thanks! yea, the thing I find hardest in updating my LJ is the amount of time it takes for me write up an entry… Not too good at my language expression =_=

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        For most of us with English as second language we find it most hard to clearly express ourselves.

        That’s why when I update, I take a few moments to think what to write down thinking that I might convey a wrong feeling to what I will write, then I get bored so I do something else. Hehehe…..

        But it’s not a problem, I think when one’s brimming with inspiration such as you at the very moment….

        Just dropped by. I’ll be having lunch in a minute.

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    Hello! My name is Chelle~ I really like your illustrations. You seem like a nice person. Do you mind if I add you? :3

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      oh wow thanks! of course i don’t mind. i added you back!
      do you mind if i ask how you found me?

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        Oh thank you very much! :)
        Of course I don’t mind, I found you through ‘s journal~

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    Yeah… livejournal is a channel. So I will be waiting at another end of the channel to see what you will present to us. :)

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      hey jie! nice to see you dropping a comment
      how have you been lately? i hope you’ve been well…

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        I am doing well. Keep myself busy by playing tennis, learning piano…. Life is beautiful. :)

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          tennis, piano… sounds very interesting! i remember when i was learning the piano. so long ago =_=;;

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          I learned the piano some 15 years ago. Then never touched it again. So now I am still a beginner. Time flies.

  5. Anonymous
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    Hi Joe,
    How’s life? Are u still in NZ? Well, cos i heard fr ur mum previously that u wish to do ur internship in diff places..=) Actually, i’ve just mailed u some postcards fr Prague, Czech Republic, where i’ve spent my winter break. Hope u’ll receive ’em soon. =)
    Best wishes,

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      eh hello diana!!
      i’ve been wanting to write to you since forever, but life has been so crazy.

      i’m leaving for Uganda (in Africa) in 4 days (!!!!) and i’m absolutely excited. i’ll try to update my livejournal about my trip while travelling but i’ll definitely write to you when i get back ya!

      thanks for the postcards, diana. and thanks for writing to me that long letter. i really enjoyed reading it. take care!

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