Time blurs

As I spend quite some time daily in Vancouver’s public transport systems…

It’s been two weeks since I’ve reached Vancouver, Canada!

Needless to say there was quite a big adjustment to be made when I first got here, after spending 6 weeks in Uganda and Kenya. I now enjoy having washing machines and clean, fragrant-smelling clothes very much more!

Somehow the days seem to pass by really quickly here. Before I know it I’m all-exhausted and can’t wait to jump to bed. I would very much like to update this livejournal, but I struggle to stay awake and focused. Still, I have to press on!!

…Now, ladies and gentlemen, where do I pick up my story from?

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  1. Anonymous
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    Are these photos unedited or have been photoshop-ed? I love the subway pic!

    Anyway, blog away about just any part of your trip. Every bit of it should be interesting to us as how it is to you.

    – Cecilia

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      no, those photos aren’t photoshop-ed ;p i was fortunate enough to get the front-most seat in the rapid transit line so i took the opportunities to snatch some photos…

      thanks so much for commenting! at least i know someone’s still reading ;|

  2. Anonymous
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    the details please

    Not mean to stress you…but we’ve been waiting for your detailed account of your recent trip to Kenya and your transition to Canada.Is maple syrup and pancake your daily staple yet? Anyway…glad to know that modern appliances bring u such joy.

    God Bless,

    K. L

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      Re: the details please

      yup yup will write up! thanks for still reading ;)

      did you know there’s a “maple syrup urine disease“? Due to amino acid debranching enzyme deficiencies, in case you wanted to know. Sorry, didn’t mean to gross you out. Just comes into my mind every time i eat pancakes with maple syrup =_=

      • Anonymous
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        Re: the details please

        hmm……….”sweet-smelling urine with an odor similar to that of maple syrup”. I am impressed that you can enjoy your pancake with maple syrup while such thought comes into your mind. It certainly says a lot of your dedication to medical study and, at the same time, your ability to block off gross thought.

        K. L

  3. Anonymous
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    yea.. quick! updates! =P


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      wow, thanks for commenting, hweeyeng!
      yup, will write up….. will work on it again today…!

  4. Anonymous
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    Take your time

    Yes, we are looking forward to read but no hurry. We know you are exhausted.


  5. Anonymous
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    Those are really nice photos! Don’t worry – just type your feelings or words in a file and update them all at once when you get back or have time. We’re both waiting for you to come back! There was another sock stuck in the washing machine hahaha – Dr Van Rij came to help take it out.
    See you in a few weeks!


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      Thanks, bro.
      Yea, I’ve got them typed out in a file more or less – but they’re either in a mess (which I suppose only I can understand), or too detailed (for my own record), that I have to do quite a lot of editing before I’m able to post them here… so it’s quite a lot of work =_=

      Haha, did you call Dr. van Rij to ask him to come?
      I saw the repairman open it up last time – so if it happens again I might be able to try and open the washing machine up ourselves…

  6. Anan
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    seems like Canada line??? Richmond – Vancouver City Centre??

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      hi Anan, yeah those were Vancouver lines! And yes probably some of them were Richmond ones! Wow amazed you can recognise them haha. I miss Vancouver…

      • Anan
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        Pls come back visit then =))) It will be SO GOOD to see you again. 有朋自遠方來,不亦樂乎 (time to test your chinese… lol).
        I use public transit daily, so quite familiar with them (even with your blurry artistic photo.. haha)
        I am kinda curious what do you miss most about Vancouver? Been asking myself the same question for years…. still learning how to like it here…

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          Yeah if I can I would love to visit… As you know Australia and North America are not that close by ;)
          I guess I just had a good time knowing some of the people in Vancouver which made my stay very enjoyable. And I like how it is a big city yet very laid back, and very beautiful too!

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