Believe it or not, I am packing up again, now to leave Canada for a few days in USA, as I approach my final stretch of my journey around the world (how poetic).

I thought I would be able to at least post up Part Two of my previous entry before today, but I fail again. I am weak.

As much as I would like to catch up and post things as they happen, I regret I won’t be able to. The backlog is quite frustrating. One thing I learned from this trip is that keeping an up-to-date travel log is no easy feat at all.

I’ll definitely wrap up the stories from my travels after I return to New Zealand. Thank you if you still care.

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  1. Anonymous
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    Of course we still care. Love reading your stories. They’re so interesting and your pictures are beautiful. Really enjoy reading, and I’m sure many others do too. Keep it up! And take care, wherever you go.. Catch up with you when you’re back in NZ!


  2. Anonymous
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    ya, we’re all waiting for you to come back, to hear your stories, see the photos you took, watch movies, play games. haha. Enjoy your trip! See you soon!


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