I am leaving this livejournal.

And in real life, I am at the stage of preparing, too,
to move away again from where I was, and away from where I am.
After all these years, I still must move.

But I will be transferring this blog somewhere else –
I’ll update with the details here when I have things set up.

Take care, everyone; and thank you if you’re still reading.

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    get bak at me about that blog o.o

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      i will ;)
      thanks for commenting and reading too

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    I’m glad you’ll still be blogging elsewhere, at least.

    I wish you all the best in this transition! Good luck. :)

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      thank you. yea i’ll try to keep up blogging as long as it’s still worthwhile. you take care too – your life seems to be mighty eventful recently too!

  3. Anonymous
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    It will be a big surprise when you decide to settle down one day Joseph! Blessings on whatever you’re planning ahead. Keep blogging, people still read :)


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      hey Grace, thanks. Yea, i’ll see when and where i’ll decide to settle down haha. You have fun in the camp ay.

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    good luck on the new path!!! but I´d like to know about you from time to time if you don´t mind :)

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      hey!! thanks for commenting and reading. yea, i’d love to know you more too – drop an e-mail when you have the time! take care!

  5. Anonymous
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    where are you gonna go?we enjoy reading your colorful stories!hope you still continue to post wherever you are.-Judia

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      thanks. am applying various places for now – but yea I’ll try to keep blogging as long as it’s worthwhile. thanks for reading ;)

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    For a moment I thought that you were going to stop blogging forever! Till I read your whole entry. Looking forward to read your new blog! :)

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      thanks, valerie! yup, i’m setting up my blog somewhere else, hopefully it’ll be done soon. thanks for your encouragement :))

      how are you enjoying working life after graduation? it definitely felt quite different for me! glad to be earning money after all the years haha.

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