I’ve moved to Melbourne! (okay, so everyone knows of someone who lives here)

I realized I’ve been traveling, packing and moving from one place to another yet, all by myself, for a surprisingly fair bit now. It all seemed to start in my Trainee Intern year in 2007; and it is amazing to think that this time, arriving in a completely strange new city, with virtually nil social contacts but a trusty map in hand, can actually start to feel familiar.

But it has been very enriching I must say – as I look back to the places I have stopped over, remember the things I have encountered, and think about the times I have spent alone, and with God. Maybe I’ll write more about some of the life things I’ve learned, next time, hah.

Day 0

Day 3

Day 14

Day 21 - but I'd like to think that my room's not usually this messy

Sorry about the lack of updates here – I was without access to the Internet for a few weeks.

I hope to get back to updating more often now!!

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  1. Kwang
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    Hope that you are settling well here in Melb, and also with Southern Health! and church!

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      thx man. yea taking it slowly.
      and you seem to be really free during your night shifts!

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    lol very nice the way your room progressed from tidy to messy to tidy and then finally to messy again after only 21 days!

    Seeing you have so few material possessions compared to my other blogger friends and myself, is very refreshing.

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      haha thanks for the comment. the only reason why i have so few stuff is because i keep moving cities every year. it’s funny too how i packed in my artbooks to bring over to Australia but decided to leave my medical reference books behind!

      • Kwang
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        I’m certainly happy to send u lots of e-books if you need some!

  3. Paul Sia
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    Nice Da Ge, the cloth rack is cool and the chair looks soo big. Keep updating more. Sure you’ll get to know more people there *thumbs up*. All the best with work and your new life.

  4. Grace @ Akl
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    new place = new stories. Looking forward to read more of your new takes on life! … btw can see wardrobe space is not a problem with you, isn’t it good to be a boy.

  5. ChARliE
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    It’s good to hear that you are having a new life in Aussy…looking forward to read more about it…..it’s fun to read your blog, i’m back to Guangzhou now….looking for a new life here too….but the way i have invited you to be my friend in Facebook, pls add me on!!!

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      hey charlie, thanks for dropping by! so how long have you been back in China for now? hope everything’s going well. keep in touch!
      oops – i’ve added you back on Facebook.

  6. Janice
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    heyy, just want to ask because of curious..um.. why do u like to move from one place to another?

    • // reply // #

      hi Huivoon, that’s a question i ask myself as well… i think i have a fear of settling down haha, and don’t ask my why because i’m still trying to figure out. oh well.

      and thanks for visiting and dropping a comment!

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    Hi! I’m Ruth. :) Just came across this post. It may be a little late to reply but I liked your writing on the enriching experiences of moving, times spent alone, and with God. I guess I cannot identify fully as I have only moved alone twice, but still…it is my thoughts in words. Thank you for sharing.

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      hey ruth! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!
      i like your blog too.
      if i can be curious, how did you find mine?

      take care

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