Twenty ten

Time to start writing.

Update 11 March 10: Okay I definitely think this black and white version is better.

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  1. Paul Sia
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    nice artwork bro! i gotta do something like that too if i have time~
    yeah start writing wohooo

  2. Grace @ Akl
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    I like the colour version better, it has a nostalgic country rock feel to it. Though do have to agree the b&w version has dynamic/movement :) Good one!

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      ya i drew this on a sketchbook wanting to emphasize the energy and movement – which is completely lost in the color version. for the color version i initially wanted to do a busy picture with lots of design motifs, but of course i fail and got lazy, so i slapped a grunge texture onto the whole image and called it done haha. :((((

  3. David Sia
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    I like the colour version much better. Like the ‘star dust’ looking things.

  4. Mil
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    Definitely like the top one more! I like the background and the pattern in her hair, and all the strands flowing out.

    I wish I could offer some useful feedback about the lines, the proportions, shades but all I can say is, nice work (and I will just appreciate your drawing).

  5. Grace
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    Woah! I love it Joseph! it looks great! i think the black and white version and the colour one look as good as each other, cos they look quite different, anyways I like them both!

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