An ode to my pagers

One last look at my pager today –
I’m dropping you off at the switchboard now
This is where we part ways
Say bye, pager

Oh how much grief and frustration have you brought me!
All the interrupted lunches and the broken sleeps
I have hated you so many times

Yet without you, you know I lose my identity
Together we’ve toughed it out through ups and downs
I have come to know your shape, weight and your beep
And your number has become my second name

I’m dropping you off forever now, pager
It is like tearing a part of me away

Here goes my reason to be needed in this hospital
I won’t see you again

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  1. Paul Sia
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    so do hospitals supply you pagers? now you’re moving to another hospital so you’ll have to hand-in your current pager?

    haha yeah i remember cases where pagers wake people(doctors) up from sleep very often. It’s exciting for me yet annoying when i learn how busy doctors are going to be.

    Nice ode haha. All the best bro!

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      hey bro yup the pagers belong to the hospitals. when you’re a med student getting to hold a pager will be like a badge of honor, but when you become a doctor you’d wish you didn’t have one. haha

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    Your sentimentality touches my heart. It’s interesting to think that a mere electronic device extends so much further into you, to be a part of you, your identity, and your doorway to what happens in the next hour of your life.

    The love-hate relationship with your pager actually sounds very personal, so I appreciate you sharing this. It’s certainly got me thinking about how we’ve let ourselves be controlled by our own designs, willfully chaining ourselves to our devices in servitude.

    … but of course that device extends further too – out and attaches itself to every person we are responsible for.

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      whow, i didn’t expect such a reflective comment on this post – in fact i thought this “ode” was a little too cheesy hah.

      it is interesting how you extrapolate this to other devices, and i definitely agree – i get chained to my macbookpro way more than i should. i suppose i’m relatively spared because i don’t have an iphone/ipod (yet)! but it shows how extremely distracting this world is, that we forget what is of real value. i repeatedly get amazed at how i can even forget to ask the naturally obvious question of “how is my time best spent, that i don’t regret it in the future”, and instead get hooked onto some online flash game for hours!! -_-

      thank you for commenting ;)

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        “how is my time best spent, that i don’t regret it in the future”, and instead get hooked onto some online flash game for hours!! -_-

        My, how that sounds so familiar to me…

  3. Kwan
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    Haha. I like it. Do ED bro, no pager, but still busy as. :) How have you been? Is our Taiwan trip still on?

    • // reply // #

      Hey Kwan!!
      Great to hear from you! Haha, where and what are you doing now?? Has the Palmy gang all split up now?

      Yea I am still keen for the Taiwan trip! But I haven’t heard back from Caroline about what season best to go to Taiwan! Maybe I should just ask some people myself eh. Are you still keen?

      • Kwan
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        Yeah. I am keen. Chen and KS are getting married end of this year. Possibly next year we may plan for a trip. Taiwan vs Japan. What do you think?

        • // // #

          definitely count me in!!

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