Edith falls

Katherine, a 5.8k population town in the outback setting of the Northern Territory of Australia:

Sun, sweat, insects and tropical plants – it is so different from Melbourne! I will be here for about another two months working with Wurli Wurlinjang, the local Aboriginal health clinic.

Together with two other medical students, we went camping to Edith Falls over the ANZAC long weekend for lots of walking, swimming and sunburns. I’ll let the photos tell the tale.

1. The sights

Bush fire!

2. The trek

Crossing small streams

... and stepping stones

3. The camping

Pasta for two nights

A speed limit sign on the way back. The Northern Territory has the highest speed limits in Australia...

... but our 4WD land cruiser was wayyy faster!

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    Now THAT is truly time well spent!

    Absolutely amazing photos! Are you using HDRI?

    Isn’t it just so strange that a natural environment is something of rare beauty in this day and age? Our ancestors probably used to see this sort of thing every day.

    At the same time, without our modern technologies in this day and age, I would hardly think that I’d be capable of trekking out into the wilderness and survive for even a night.

    • // reply // #

      hey! thanks for the compliment. no, these images aren’t HDR – just normal photos from a Canon EOS 40D — not exactly the easiest camera to bring around for these long and sweaty treks!!

      i’m glad for my own sanity that the photos look pretty, because it certainly didn’t feel so when i was sweltering under the sun with flies and mosquitoes swarming around me! haha.

  2. Paul Sia
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    Whoah the speed, awesome

    • // reply // #

      yeah we felt the Need for Speed with a 4WD.

  3. Home
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    Photos beautifully taken.
    Radiant has some philosophical thoughts on appreciating nature.
    Looks tropical, with lots of Acacia (?) in the background, but the falls and pools are of mega-scale compared to what we find here, such as that of Julan and Lambir. Many of our sites are infested with flies (so tiny that they probably squeeze through netted (?) tent and swarm inside), mosquitoes, and similarly, of course, all sorts of ants. In bigger forests, we have the leeches. Another difference may be the rain.
    It is really a valuable experience to visit these sites.

    • // reply // #

      i’m glad we don’t have those small flies / sandflies when we were camping – i was already getting annoyed with the normal flies that kept buzzing and landing on everyone haha.

      the forestation definitely looks tropical – Darwin looks just like a South East Asian city! The climate in fact is tropical savanna climate (Köppen Aw class), according to Wikipedia. It makes me very confused that I am still in the same country, coming from the Southern parts of Australia and New Zealand!

  4. Kwang
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    STUNNING Photos…
    Should have visited u during ANZAC long weekend!
    I have never driven that fast!

    • // reply // #

      hey yes you absolutely should have come to visit!
      i’ve now got an impressive tan! you’ll see what i mean when i get back to melbourne hahah.

      • Home
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        Sorry but I don’t think your tan will last till you get back to melbourne end of june (from experience, skin peels disappointingly). I love to see the photo of you keeping the tan at that time, that would be interesting.

      • Mil
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        Make sure you moisturise!!

        • // // #

          eh, your advice comes a few days too late as my skin has started to peel! i will moisturize it everyday now.

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    Beautiful! :)

  6. Jordan (ransomedsea)
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    goodness! these photos are beautiful! I’m super envious of the chance to be there among such great scenery. :)

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