Alright, to nitpick, the toilets were somewhat dirty and the nights were freeezing, but the atmosphere was totally vibrant, the people were amazing and the culture was so rich!

We had a fantastic weekend camping three days and two nights at the Barunga Sports and Culture Festival. To be able to participate in one of the most significant celebrations of Aboriginal culture, art, music and sports is such a privilege – it is something I will remember (for a while).

Two days later, at least three of the eight of us came down with a head-cold (yes, I am one of them). Sore throat and runny nose. Good times.

Here are some photos:

1. The events

Spear throwing competition

Trying to hit this poor fake kangaroo

Basket weaving

Making dye

Story telling about some bird who accidentally killed his girlfriend, and then went into hiding forevermore

A small casual game of basketball in between the serious competitions

Hip hop dancing and the 'circle of confidence' (or 'circle of shame', depending on where you stand in the pessimism-optimism spectrum)

2. The people

One nation

Gotta get a smoke

3. The camping

Got there at night and set our tents up in the dark -- good fun!

Chilly the next morning

Jen sizzling some snags

The egg I was trying to fry -- dropped and splattered from one metre above (because the flames were too hot)

A campfire in a chilly night feels sooo comfortable
-- the only problem is that it gets cold again immediately once you put it off!

And... what should we do next!!?

(p.s. for those of you not familiar with the culture, “deadly” is Aboriginal slang for excellent / awesome )

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  1. Jordan (ransomedsea)
    // reply // #

    you do the COOLEST stuff, I swear. :)

    • // reply // #

      hey Jordan! i just happened, somehow, to be at the right place at the right time, so it’s nothing i can take credit to. God is good!

      how’s your new apartment? still waiting for you to write about your trip. i hope your wanderlust is in check :)

      • Jordan (ransomedsea)
        // reply // #

        everything’s great! trip stories will hopefully be up soon! been crazy with my new job, but I’m itching to get things up. :)

  2. Paul Sia
    // reply // #

    good fun !! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~

  3. Home
    // reply // #

    Whoaaaaa …….

  4. Grace@London
    // reply // #

    Cool stuff ;D Am sure this place is more fun then Melb! Love that smoking photo, captured the atmosphere very well!

    • // reply // #

      hey grace! what honor to hear from you from London!
      what are you doing there at the mo? doing touristy stuff or looking for a job? are you staying at backpackers?

      • Grace @ Akl
        // reply // #

        hey, am now flat hunting with my friend. Hoping to settle down for a short while before I put on my travel engine again. Need a holiday after holidaying in Japan :P Do pray for me plz!

  5. Kwang
    // reply // #

    Heard that you’re coming back soon, it’s deadly!

    • // reply // #

      hey Kwang! yup returning to Melb this weekend – back to the cold! see you guys then!

  6. Kwang
    // reply // #

    Sure, saboteur waiting for u!

  7. Shirley Au
    // reply // #

    Great pictures Joseph! And I enjoy your drawings and stories….you are very talented =)

    • // reply // #

      hi Shirley!! thanks for dropping by and commenting!!
      sorry to have you visit this half-finished blog layout where a lot of things are broken :(

      hope everything’s well with you!

  8. Jennie
    // reply // #

    Hey Joseph, how are you doing? Hope you remember me.
    those photos are simply great, very enjoyable to view.

    all the best for whatever you are doing and wherever you are, God bless.

    • // reply // #

      hey Jennie! Um, which Jennie are you? (have met a few Jennie’s in my moving around!) But I’m sure I still remember you though, haha

      thanks for reading and commenting. i hope you continue to drop by!

  9. Grace
    // reply // #

    Joseph!!! It looks like you’re having so much fun over there! hahaha I like the picture of your egg! looks like it got cooked before it hit the pan!

    cya :)

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