This friendly guy had a stable girlfriend. Yet he was having sex with other girls, unbeknownst to his partner, and he was still doing it. Without condoms too, because he didn’t have them around when the situation called. He had already made two women pregnant. He already had a few children around in the community. He confessed to me.

He came in when I was working in the aboriginal GP clinic in the Northern Territory, wanting to have a check up for sexually-transmitted diseases.

He had good intentions, if I dare say. I could sense his frustration at knowing what is right and not living it out — and don’t we all know the feeling well. Yet as I talked to him I came to know that he had already made some other changes in his life that was worth commending. Decided to stand up to peer pressure and cut down on alcohol consumption. Starting to pick up the discipline to exercise. “But I still don’t know how to control this sexual urge,” he said as-a-matter-of-factly, “I just can’t control it, y’know.”

He saw the tray of free condoms in the room and grabbed to store more than a few in his pocket, with some embarrassment. I never paid much attention to that tray — now I know how important it is to refill it!

“How would you feel if your partner did the same?” I asked.

“Oh I’ve heard that one before. … But I won’t do it when I get married, it’ll be different,” he answered.

“How do you know you can control yourself after you get married, when you can’t do it now?”

“Yeah,” he shook his shoulders. I was sure the question had crossed his mind before too.

I opened my mouth but I stumbled to take it much further. If I said anything more, I felt, I would have been a true hypocrite. It doesn’t have to be sexual dishonesty. My words would come back to bite me.

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    Ya, Matthew 9:36-38 “The harvest is plentiful”. There is so much confusion in this world. God can use the words you have sown. This encounter is no coincidence too.

  2. cqqq2011
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    这是一个敏感的话题,对于平常人是,而对于有信仰的人们就更加了。但是他能够有勇气来面对自己的问题,虽然还没有到达解决的部分,但是比起来面对的都不敢的,他真是坦然太多了。人真是有意思的动物,观察别人的时候,自己也格外小心的审视自己。不过我想也只有神才真正有能力来judge谁是胆小的伪善,谁是勇敢的坦然。 做医生的职业实在是个有意思的职业特性,比起其他职业在医生面前人们都更容易曝露出自己最隐私最无法伪装,最无助,最。。的一面。作为医生会如何过滤,如何消化,然后沉淀出自己的生活智慧来也是一份不简单的工作啊!

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          hi Amy! 还好吗?你现在在哪里?还在惠灵顿?

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    sometimes the best sermons are short -easier to remember that way. blessings

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      Hey Brit! It is most heart-warming to hear from you after so long. Thank you for your comment. How have you been? I should write you an e-mail properly.

  4. Janet Tunks
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    Very difficult not to judge this guy…..

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