This is my first time shooting a wedding in Malaysia. While there were some minor differences in wedding customs, the excitement and jubilee were just as infectious. Allen is my cousin, and it was my first time meeting his long-time girlfriend Amy. It was a real joy to catch up with extended family after so long too.

It has been a while since I touched my aging camera (proof of how amateurish I am), but it was fun looking at the world through the viewfinder once again. Here is to say congratulations, and all the very best wishes to Allen and Amy in the years to come!

That’s my nephew, during the wedding reception, by the way.

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  1. Family
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    Beautiful photos. Congrats to you too. Know you have a busy schedule.

  2. OD
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    The photos are great! You’ve ‘adapted’ well to the ‘situations’ that time and have taken good photos. The colors are very nice, and they don’t look artificial at all.

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    hey, I was wondering, how come the hand in one of the photos has so many gold rings?

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      that’s the bride… she got it from her many relatives earlier the day during the tea ceremonies … ;)

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    Yoh~ nice nice. Good~

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    Lovely pictures! Are the many gold rings for the bride some sort of Malaysian tradition? It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this.

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      Hey Valerie, thanks for the comments. I think the gold rings are a Chinese tradition… it’s my first time seeing so much gold too!

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