Here are some things that I have learned over the past year — about food, life, and stuff.

  1. Steak is quick and easy to cook and clean up, and tastes so good with the right spices.
  2. One of the perks of working in oncology is the frequent chocolates and fruits that we kindly receive from patients. The best cheesecake I’ve had by far is made by a patient (so good).
  3. What is even more inspiring is how some of the poorer patients give the best gifts — boxes of “high-end” chocolates from the local supermarket for each and every staff member (not a trifle amount), or a good sum of money donated despite their financial circumstances — from the poorer patients.
  4. An hour of walking to the supermarket, shopping, and walking back is worth more than an hour in front of the computer thinking that you are relaxing.
  5. When going out for dinner with colleagues, order an entrée to share with everyone.
  6. Higher octane fuel, although more expensive per litre, works out cheaper as you get more mileage out of it, and the engine is smoother to drive.
  7. Happiness in life is partly related to discipline (the discipline to sleep on time, get stuff done, refrain from certain things etc) — without discipline, life is unbalanced and unhappy.
  8. When motivation is waning and you are questioning whether you should be going to the gym, the answer is yes you should go.
  9. When trying to be frugal in saving up for something, do not forget to be generous in everyday life.
  10. Accidents happen often because things are not put back to where they are supposed be.

Surely there are many more, but here are some of them. Happy 2012 too! (Yes, it is already one month into the new year.)

If you have your tips of wisdom please share too.

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  1. OD
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    thanks bro. I learn from what you learn too.

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    I like number 7, it’s so true :)

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      hey Winnie, thanks for reading and dropping a comment! Glad you agree
      you haven’t posted on your blog for sometime now — hope everything’s well. God bless for the new year.

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        hey, got back not long ago from travels, and being blocked from blogger (in china) haha. thanks for the well wishes :)

  3. Anonymous
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    Thanks Jojo. I absolutely agree with you especially No.4 and No.10.

  4. ann
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      thanks Ann for the comment…

  5. a.cow
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    That’s a really nice list.
    I really like no9. (I think its a really good idea to incorporate into ones life)
    but I am a bit sceptical about no 6. (is there an evidence base for that :P)

  6. Yeu Yeu
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    Hi Joseph,

    It’s been a long time…and i still enjoy reading your blog! For the last 30 minutes i was trying to get my blog from livejournal back due to lost of password etc. Anyway, good see you here. Take care!

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      Hey Yeu Yeu! Nice to hear from you. How have you been? How is married life?

  7. Anonymous
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    Well said….. fully agree with number 3 & 9 ;)

    Good stuff on this blog….! could spend hours reading! ;)

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