It was nostalgic revisiting Christchurch after four years. Snow graced the city also the day after I arrived. I remember treading through similar fields of white to walk to high school. The juxtaposition of what has changed and what has not — the place and the people, including myself — suddenly became a sore reminder of the passing of time.

From the kind comments it seems I may not have conveyed it well (haha), but when I wrote about this young guy with brain cancer it was, in part, a challenge to reflect on what I have been doing with my past years. Now back in Melbourne, I remember four years ago when I left Christchurch to not return I am sure I reiterated these proverbs in my heart.

But snow means some easy photos. Here are some of them, as well as some obligatory post-earthquake ones.

Snow, up close.

Cashmere Hills

The city centre cordoned post-earthquake.

Always have to have a photo of a random wall!

Reinventing Cashel St Mall in the CBD after the destruction.

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  1. OD
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    man those were really nice photos!

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    I love the one with the snow on red leaves. makes me want to visit NZ in winter :)

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      Thanks Winnie. It’d be hard to pick which days it’ll snow at ground level, but the mountains will all be dripped in white, very pretty.

  3. Grace @ Sydney
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    Love that random wall photo! Funky combination of texture, colour and detail – I can let my imagination go wild…. I see crocked mouth alien starring at me :P

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      Finally someone who sees what I saw!! Thank you Grace! Haha

      I take quite a bit of photos of walls and later find myself not knowing what to do with them… somehow I just like the combination of patterns and textures, as you mentioned

  4. PS
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    What a wonderful nice photos! Can feel the cool there.

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      Hi PS, thank you for your kind comment. New Zealand is always beautiful and even more so with snow. If I could ask, do I know you in real life? Or how did you come across my blog? Take care

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