After a few months of thinking about it, I’ve decided to start a new blog in addition to this one. To be clear upfront, this new blog will be about what I read in the Bible and will presume a Christian audience (although of course everyone is welcome). It has a different purpose.

I will continue with this blog, just like how back in 2007 I decided to keep this going. Here I tell in stories, and sometimes in drawings and in photos, about my encounters in Medicine and about life — both mine and the people I have had the honour of knowing.

Inevitably this blog’s readership has changed with time, but to all of you who are reading even now, thank you. Remember to leave a comment or flick me an e-mail to say hi!

Jazz and Grilled Salmon — a collection of bite-sized thoughts on & quotes from the Bible, gathered during my daily reading. I try to update as I go along, so join me if you want.

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    hey, look forward to reading your new blog! is there a story behind the title? :) ps your comment box looks different haha I guess you changed it

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