About this family whom I broke bad news to a few months ago — I was quite convinced that the wife hates me after that initial meeting! When I said I could still picture her screaming at me in disbelief, that remains true even today.

But one day she grabbed me in the arm in the corridor. It started off with a medical question, but then was I surprised when she told me amongst all the bad news that was thrown on them that day, she remembered me saying something along the lines of “I want you to prove me wrong too” — that stuck with her and she appreciated that. (Sounds corny I know; I definitely didn’t plan to say that.)

On the flipside, I wonder how often my words or actions have unintentionally and carelessly conveyed something I shouldn’t have too.

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  1. Ck
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    That’s very sweet of u :o)

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      hey CK, that wasn’t quite the point of my post, I’ve edited it a little to try to convey it better haha…

  2. OD
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    yeah, i tend to remember (some of) the good/bad things I’ve heard from others, including family members. It affects how I see them.

  3. Zhoujun
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    You are on a very delicate position, a conjunction of life and death, but good job! I found this quote is very touching, hope it will encourage you too. “偶尔治愈、常常帮助、总是安慰。” I would like to share this link to you too, it really got me think. http://zqb.cyol.com/html/2012-11/21/nw.D110000zgqnb_20121121_1-12.htm

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