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Waking up to the bright weekend morning sun, making a cup of milo-coffee (yeah whatever) and having the day to yourself to rest after the working week. What God has ordained is good. Or as the late December night winds down, thinking about what the future year holds – the questions that I have asked around this time every year, and still continue to ask. But on my way home, even here, are many little things I give thanks for. I was going to write a list of them; maybe I will. Happy new year 2013, everyone!

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    hi joseph, don’t you have quite a few drawings with suitcases? haha I guess it’s appropriate for the title of the blog. the faded blue hue is nice, and I like how the perspective is on a hill (?) and not really being able to see the road ahead. the draft version is also interesting, seeing how you plan your drawings. by the way is the person a boy or a girl? the outfit doesn’t look very girly but the hair doesn’t look too boyish either haha.

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      hey Winnie, how have you been? fancy your observation skills because i was in fact initially going to mention in the post that i’ve drawn a few similarly-themed pictures, but decided it was unnecessary in the end haha. yeah having been moving around so many times i guess the suitcase has become somewhat symbolic for me :/

      the person’s supposed to be a girl… one of the photo references i used had a girl in it, and in the end i decided just to go with it. a boy would be less interesting and too plain from the back i figured without the long hair and beanie. and i apologise for my lack of girly fashion sense!

  2. Zhoujun
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    Happy new year Joseph

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      Thanks ZhouJun and happy new year to you too!

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