Hello, here are some things I learned over the past year — about random things in life — in continuation from this post. If you can relate or have any tips of wisdom, please share too. Take care!

  1. Steak is easy to cook, eat, and clean up, but not cheap.
  2. Don’t drink strong milk coffee mid-morning thinking that it can replace breakfast… you’ll feel queasy for the next few hours and won’t feel like eating lunch till quite late, which messes up your afternoon. Bleh.
  3. Gaining lean weight takes a lot of work and is slower than you would think.
  4. Do not drive to Melbourne CBD on Friday nights when some sporting event is on! Unless you want to waste 2 hours in the car.
  5. If you know it is necessary for something to be done but don’t feel like doing it — just get on and do it! The earlier you do it, the more time you would have spared from torturing yourself.
  6. The quality of toilet paper is a reflection of how much the management values its customers / staff.
  7. Start the music first before putting on your earphones, especially when in the library. Otherwise, if things aren’t set up properly, everybody will hear your music from the computer/phone’s speakers except yourself (because your ears are plugged with earphones), and you’d be wondering why you can’t hear anything. Pretty embarrassing.
  8. Taking up 4 research projects in a year on top of work and study may sound doable when you’re single, but it means a lot of lonely weekends and evenings spent in the office… after about 6 months it gets quite tiring!
  9. Drawing is therapeutic for me.
  10. Wearing larger clothes doesn’t really make you look larger. Yeah, I’m the last person to learn this.

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    amusing observations / tips, esp 6) haha

    4) after getting a car I realised driving in peak hour (with or without events) you’ll probably take an hour trying to get in / out of the city

    10) I learnt that the opposite way – ie trying to fit into smaller sized clothing doesn’t make you look smaller lol

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      Your remark on 10) is too funny

  2. Home
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    赞。Serious intention with artistic touch.

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      Thanks…, but I’m not sure if I had any serious intentions…

  3. Zhoujun
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    Hehe, glad to see you learnt the last tip. I can still picture you in a huge T-shirt after so many years. It reminded me a flagpole.

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      haha you still remember… -_- well it took me this many years to figure out.

  4. Anan
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    Happy new year, Joseph ^^
    like 5) and 10) and I think over sized T-shirt actually makes skinny ppl look skinnier…

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      Hi An an! It’s good to hear from you. Thanks and happy new year to you too.
      How have you been? What have you been up to? How cold is it in Vancouver now? I’m glad when I was in Vancouver it was end of winter / early spring so I didn’t need to walk through a few meters snow haha.

      • Anan
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        I am doing ok ^^ After 5 years in Vancouver, I find myself still adjusting to this city, but thank God, His grace is always sufficient. phew….
        Weather here is still cold but not snowing anymore, just raining. A little sunshine seems precious… But you can still enjoy a little walk outside with an umbrella.
        How about you? How is life? (I guess I can somehow read your life thru this beautiful blog, right? hahaha…)

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          Yeah I can understand. I moved to Melbourne 3 years ago and I still feel very new to the place too…, everytime I go to the CBD I am like a little kid, everything seems new to me! I’m not too bad otherwise by God’s grace… nothing to report really, perhaps still much the same as before!

  5. Anan
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    same as before is good =) I still remember you always said something super funny with a serious face during fellowship and I laughed so hard every time … lol

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      Hahah! I don’t think I was aware of that!

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