Proverbs from work

Trying my hand at some poster designs.

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  1. Anonymous
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    Going to put them up at the hospital? I think they look like good book covers too :) Maybe you don’t want to explain your posters haha but what’s the message of poster 3?

    • OD
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      i think the message is to be humble (and from that, teachability)

      • Anonymous
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        OD – Thanks I had thought so but the second part confused me a little.. Of course others have things to learn from you Joseph, even here it sounds like you’ve been an encouragement to others through your post!.

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      My boss said he might frame some of them up, which I think will be hilarious because these sayings are mostly inside jokes around the work place. Do I know you in real life…? Not sure what our starting point is but poster 1 is about describing CT scans, poster 2 is because I ask lots of why’s at work, and poster 3 sort of came about from us talking about proverbs and learning. You’re free to interpret it however you want though!

  2. OD
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    Nice posters!! full of wisdom. I like the simplistic design. Putting those up here, you should trademark them so nobody ‘copies’.

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      Thanks, they are more fun than real wisdom I think. I’m not worried about people copying them, afterall I get my inspiration from other people’s works too.

  3. yining
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    Poster 3 is encouraging! Lol After realising for the next 6mths I am working with a notoriously bad supervisor that nobody else want to work with… scraping off positive energy wherever I can. Thk u, prob enough to get me through today.

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      hey yining, nice to hear from you here! thanks for letting me know, i certainly didn’t expect these to have such positive effect (especially poster 3!!), so it’s good to know :) i hope all will be ok with your supervisor the next 6 months… the Lord is our helper!

      • yining
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        indeed, by His grace survived first wk (and surprisingly even made some gains!) conscious effort with “poster 3 attitude” certainly helped. lol thk u for a beautiful blog~ ^_^

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          i’m still somewhat bewildered as to how it helps but more importantly it’s good to hear that things have been well by His grace — which is sufficient for us!

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