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Obligatory screentone versions (I can’t resist):

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  1. DC
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    Initially thought that it was snow. Either way, you should at least work part-time for Hallmark in Asia. For example, this could be some form a long-distance relationship card.

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      DC, what an honour finally! I’ve never heard of a long-distance relationship card, maybe we can start one, it might come in vogue! Yeah I know the whole thing looks a bit plucked out from an Asian TV drama — certainly wasn’t what I had in mind. Let me know too if you know someone in Hallmark through whom I can get a part-time job.

  2. DC
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    Hallmark card company runs a regular competition. Just have to wait for the right theme. The prize is US$250 and another US$250 if it’s good enough to be retailed. I’ve seen the past winners. It’s mostly photos and not very good. Once it’s out, perhaps some intelligent enough person will recognize the talent and hire you part time.

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      As resourceful as ever, DC. I’ll keep an eye out. Long live the chief!

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