New Zealand

Some photos to completely misrepresent the trip.

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  1. Moses
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    Wow, how come photos look so nice here.

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      I think I’ve just selected the nicer ones to post up!

  2. Patrick
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    I agree these photos look absolutely beautiful! I’d love to visit New Zealand someday. :)

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      Hi Patrick, glad to have you commenting! Yup you need to visit your neighbour country someday :) All the best and let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

  3. britt
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    Joseph, havent visited in ages – need to catch up!

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      Britt! What a pleasant surprise. Yes, it’s been too long. How have you been? Are you still working with the boyscouts? How is Mary doing? I’ll write to you soon to catch up. Blessings.

      • B
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        Mary had tumor removed in January followed by targeted radiation- the gleoblastoma multi forma tends to reappear at same die again and again. She is now on double dose chemo for one week – every five weeks. Overall she is seems very well. Still working Boy Scouts
        . Going to shift over to grants and united ways. Not what I enjoy most but it enables me to work from home maybe three days a week.
        How’s your world? If it were possible to convey all you have learned in recent months I would very much like to listen. I pulled about 35 lbs honey today- added three queens to hives and reworked 130 frames _ ready to deploy . Need to clean up
        We are going to rockport Texas this fall for a few days. They have a long pier we fish on all through the night. Lots of fun – wish you were a bit closer

        I really want to take Mary to see places while she can.
        But she is very happy staying close to home

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          The bee farm sounds like it’s going well! Britt, I didn’t know about Mary’s GBM, this is very sad news to me… But I’m glad though she’s well at the moment and you are bringing her around. I will write to you to catch up. I’ve been through a bit this year and learned some stuff (I think), which I can share about. I want to hear your stories too. Catch up soon. -j

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