For the longest time I couldn’t work out the details for the background, until one evening walking back home from work I realised I had this view of the Melbourne Star all the while just outside where I live. It looks even more spectacular in a frosty night when its lights don a psychedelic colour coat. Ah the small things in life.

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  1. kelvin
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    nice work man. keep it up!

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      Hi Kelvin, thanks. How’s everything going?

  2. Ada
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    Nice drawing…wish I can see the same view in Melbourn with my own eyes.

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      Hi Ada, thanks for the comment. You and Ray should visit Melbourne someday!

  3. Moses
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    Wow .. amazing.

  4. Dr Jitendra
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    I have came across your site today. I must say, that your website is minimalistic yet fantastic, superb fonts and just the perfect design. May be I can learn a thing or two from your it. Keep going and yes, thanks a lot. .

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      Thanks for such a kind comment! Have a read around and let me know your thoughts too :)

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