I have been feeling quite fatigued from work, so I took a week off. People at work were surprised that I did this — I guess I should take more time off!

And it was so good. The rest was incredible, and coupled with glorious weather, I enjoyed every moment of it. I woke up to the rays of sunshine and had coffee with good music. Read books that warmed my heart and made me smile. Went to a park and watched kids play. Visited the gym since a long while and worked up a good sweat on the tireless treadmill. Played a bit of the piano — something like a familiar friend whom I find safe and comfortable expressing myself to, who has listened to me through my growing up, but neglected by me for a long time now (you can see I’m being very poetic here). Caught up with friends for brunch in a tucked-away alley, and lunch in a slumberous restaurant. It seemed like my hard work in the recent months — the waking up to the stars when the city was still asleep, and late tram trips back home still thinking about work — has been worth it for this week of rest.

And I wondered if this could be a foretaste of how it would feel to enter the future rest that Hebrews chapter 4 talks about. A glorious rest, after this journey on earth, fighting the good fight, walking the narrow road, splinters and all, sometimes feeling so tired, sometimes finding it so difficult. Painfully pruned, and pressing on, we are on our way home. And as Paul wrote in his letter to the Roman church, “I consider the sufferings of this present time not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

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  1. shi jie
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    Nicely expressed(!)…this sneak preview of the ultimate Hebrews 4 rest was certainly marked with contentment…!
    加油! Just curious, were your colleagues surprised because it is unusual at your workplace to take time off?

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      Hi Shi Jie, sorry for the late reply, I was overseas for a little while. Thanks for the comment, yup I was indeed very contented :) There were small reminders during the week of my fallenness and sin though, but all the more reason to look forward to the real rest!

      I guess my colleagues were surprised because I almost never have taken leave for “I think I’m feeling a little fatigued/need a rest” reasons… I’m glad I did it though.

  2. 周隽
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    嗨Joseph, 谢谢你的分享,挺有意思的。真像你说的,只有停下来才能知道忙碌的意义。人很奇怪,比如我自己有的时候会害怕停下来,以为只要忙碌着生活就有方向。忙得完全忘了神在生命中赐给我很多要我享受的东西。所以忙碌着,忍受着忙碌,又害怕着不忙碌,在其中纠结万分。都快要错觉的以为人生的根基是建立在忙碌中了。幸好,主即是做事情是的主,也是安息的主。

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