It’s the time of the year again. There’s quite a lot for 2014, so this is just a selection of randoms, partly for fun. One thing I have deeply learned though, which I will say outside the list, is the importance of developing gospel-reflecting relationships with the people around us.

Anyways, here are some things I learned over the past year, about life!

  1. Adding a little salt when boiling corn enhances the flavour of the corn.
  2. You cut off the end part of the stems when someone gives you flowers, to prolong their life (in futility).
  3. The trick to housework is to do them in small but frequent amounts. Clean up something as soon as you see it, after shower or after cooking etc.
  4. I have always regretted the unkind words I have said, no matter how justified I believed they were at the time. And I have always been glad for the kind words I have said, no matter how unjustified I believed they were at the time.
  5. Removing the Facebook app from my phone is one of the best things I’ve done.
  6. A way to remember un-memorise-able cytogenetic details for exams (eg. t(x;18) for synovial sarcoma, 1p19q for astrocytomas) is to set them as your work passwords.
  7. You need to allocate time to maintain good things. Leather shoes and bags, the car, a tidy and fresh house, your own body. (Some may add “girls” onto the list, but I will definitely stay out of that one.)
  8. Taking out time to memorise Scripture is infinitely worth it. Not least of which is providing an anchor for my thoughts rather than letting them drift around to useless unhelpful things. (The mountain is not unscalable. In the last six months I’ve done five chapters.)
  9. One of the perks of living near the children’s hospital is being able to easily walk a short distance to sit down and watch kids play.
  10. Not wasting time is one of the hardest things to do.

(Previous lists: 2013, 2012, 2011.)

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  1. Shu
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    Love the lists – Happy New Year Joe!!! x

    • // reply // #

      Happy new year from Melbourne! How’s the Big Apple? Must be awesome for new year celebrations. Hope everything’s going well with you over in NYC, Shu. Take care

  2. Moses
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    adoration, what a year-by-year compilation: so valuable.
    No. 6 is ingenious

    • // reply // #

      Thanks… These lists are for fun really (with a bit of important stuff in them). There is a more impressive compilation in my computer haha

  3. Ying Ying
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    Hi Joseph, came across your blog through facebook, reading through random posts, i found encouragement and good advice! learnt no. 3 along with a few others from your previous lists in the short week i read it. Thank you :)

    • // reply // #

      Hi Ying Ying, welcome to this old blog hahah. Thinking of making some changes soon, that design itch is growing stronger each month…

      Thanks for the comment too, I am always very amused to hear what different things different people take from these lists! Feel free to read around, share what you think, or what you’ve learned too. Catch up again when you’re back in Melb.

  4. Zhoujun
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    Well spoted useful little things and I’ m so glad that you did not forget your password all together.

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