For a long time now, I have wanted to take some photos of the more understated, daily side of Kuching. But who am I kidding, these really are just some half-hearted photos I snapped randomly on the streets. With lots of photo filters applied, like make up :)

I had other photos taken with phone cameras that I can’t retrieve now, and so many missed shots my heart aches a little, but it’s okay. Warning: these do not represent Kuching well.

Shops closed for Chinese New Year.

Washing dishes at coffee shops.

The obligatory random wall shot. I can’t stop!!

Turning a crappy night shot into a trippy night shot.

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  1. Ruth
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    I admire how you highlighted the ordinary scenes and walls of Kuching..the yellow doors photo reminds me of the peaceful atmosphere while strolling around town during festive holidays. very nice! :)

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      Hi Ruth, thanks for the comment. Yup, it’s a very different feeling walking through normally bustling bazaars, but with all the shops closed and hardly anyone around. The usual frantic activity complements the serene quietness well, and vice versa; God makes everything beautiful in its time

  2. 表姐
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    I always thought small shots of what’s surrounding us, are beautiful,
    it reminds us to look… just around us, and to discover the beauty,
    a door, a window, walls, pots…
    anything that’s some story to tell…
    nice shots,
    nevermind the little bit of makeup,
    it represents your mood too…

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      表姐, thank you for reminding to slow down
      and let soak in
      the sights, the smells and sounds
      and give thanks for all the beauty
      and with coffee
      read some little poetry

  3. 表姐
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    the like of taking photographs, makes us slow down…
    and of course,
    being a parent, makes me slow down too… :D
    it’s good to slow down…
    ok, that’s a sign of aging, hahaha!

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