A little about me.

· I am a fledging doctor training in radiation oncology without a fixed home on Earth · When I’m worn-out and hungry, to sleep or to eat becomes a true dilemma · I look at the designs of a handbag and think of its creator behind · Going to bed without having to set the alarm for tomorrow is one of the best things in life · Coriander is my favourite herb spice · I am on a never-ending mission to find the perfect bowl of succulent, self-sufficient noodles ·

If you are new around here, these are some of my favourite posts. I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Whether you know me in real life or not, I would love to hear from you. The readership here are a nice bunch, so don’t feel shy to leave a comment and share your thoughts. Or e-mail me at tablecolor at gmail dot com.

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