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At the Nile River Explorers (NRE) Base Camp, a cliff above the mighty Nile River, 8kms downstream from the Bujagali falls, Jinja, Uganda:

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For the new readers here, this entry is the me still trying to catch up with memories, even two years after my overseas medical electives in mid 2007. How time flies – especially to think that I have graduated from medical school and completed my intern year since.

The previous entries on my travels can be found under the “Overseas Elective” tag, starting with an introduction and a 4-day journey to reach Africa.

The following few entries on the subject will be about my last days in the country of Uganda and then crossing the border into Kenya, before flying again a big stretch to North America. There isn’t actually much left to put into words after this – although I still recall the sights, smells and sounds vividly and with much fondness.

Here is an obligatory warning for a heavy volume of text – but cutting down defeats the purpose. There is quite to tell! Thank you for reading.

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The Story from Kisiizi to Jinja

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She’s a star!

In Uganda, when I wasn’t away on epic excursions, I…

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