For those interested, I restarted the Jazz and Grilled Salmon blog a few days ago. I picked up a Bible reading plan again and decided I might as well do the same with Jazz and Grilled Salmon.

Here is the original post about the blog — just bite-sized thoughts on and quotes from the Bible gathered during my daily reading. Join me if you want.

Take care!

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After a few months of thinking about it, I’ve decided to start a new blog in addition to this one. To be clear upfront, this new blog will be about what I read in the Bible and will presume a Christian audience (although of course everyone is welcome). It has a different purpose.

I will continue with this blog, just like how back in 2007 I decided to keep this going. Here I tell in stories, and sometimes in drawings and in photos, about my encounters in Medicine and about life — both mine and the people I have had the honour of knowing.

Inevitably this blog’s readership has changed with time, but to all of you who are reading even now, thank you. Remember to leave a comment or flick me an e-mail to say hi!

Jazz and Grilled Salmon — a collection of bite-sized thoughts on & quotes from the Bible, gathered during my daily reading. I try to update as I go along, so join me if you want.

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Less frequent updates

I have been accepted into RANZCR for Radiation Oncology training. There was a lot of competition for a very limited number of positions, and now I can sigh a big relief, totally by God’s grace.

As you may expect, now on top of my hospital work I have clinical assignments and self-study to do. With a small change in priorities, it is inevitable that I will be updating this blog less often, at least for now. I will definitely still be writing – and I still have many things I want to do! – but I will just be updating less often.

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If you are new around here, feel free to browse through the previous posts, or some of my favourite posts here.

Thank you to those of you who are still reading. Write to me because I would still love to hear from you!

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