Believe it or not, I am packing up again, now to leave Canada for a few days in USA, as I approach my final stretch of my journey around the world (how poetic).

I thought I would be able to at least post up Part Two of my previous entry before today, but I fail again. I am weak.

As much as I would like to catch up and post things as they happen, I regret I won’t be able to. The backlog is quite frustrating. One thing I learned from this trip is that keeping an up-to-date travel log is no easy feat at all.

I’ll definitely wrap up the stories from my travels after I return to New Zealand. Thank you if you still care.

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Time blurs

As I spend quite some time daily in Vancouver’s public transport systems…

It’s been two weeks since I’ve reached Vancouver, Canada!

Needless to say there was quite a big adjustment to be made when I first got here, after spending 6 weeks in Uganda and Kenya. I now enjoy having washing machines and clean, fragrant-smelling clothes very much more!

Somehow the days seem to pass by really quickly here. Before I know it I’m all-exhausted and can’t wait to jump to bed. I would very much like to update this livejournal, but I struggle to stay awake and focused. Still, I have to press on!!

…Now, ladies and gentlemen, where do I pick up my story from?

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–I’m off for my overseas elective!!–

Uganda, then Canada! 3 months in total.

Almost half a year in sorting out the whole lot of arrangements, some pleasantly straightforward and some unbelievably convoluted – hospital applications, visas, immunizations, medical examinations, finance, flights, accommodation, insurance, and medical indemnity cover – and now the time has finally come!!

I carry one 17.5kg rucksag on my back and one strapbag in my arms, and almost too carefreely, though still with a little sense of sorry yet without much second thought, leave the many attachments formed in NZ behind.

I am going beyond borders and crossing cultures. I am absolutely stoked.

I will be updating this livejournal along my trips with photos to show and stories to tell, and I invite you to follow along and share with my excitement! Although the Internet will not be as readily accessible, I will endeavor to reply messages as much and as soon as I am able to!

And to my NZ friends who are reading this (if any…) – remember to leave a comment to say hi!

More details about my trip, because I frequently get asked…

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