An ode to my pagers

One last look at my pager today –
I’m dropping you off at the switchboard now
This is where we part ways
Say bye, pager

Oh how much grief and frustration have you brought me!
All the interrupted lunches and the broken sleeps
I have hated you so many times

Yet without you, you know I lose my identity
Together we’ve toughed it out through ups and downs
I have come to know your shape, weight and your beep
And your number has become my second name

I’m dropping you off forever now, pager
It is like tearing a part of me away

Here goes my reason to be needed in this hospital
I won’t see you again

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I’ve moved to Melbourne! (okay, so everyone knows of someone who lives here)

I realized I’ve been traveling, packing and moving from one place to another yet, all by myself, for a surprisingly fair bit now. It all seemed to start in my Trainee Intern year in 2007; and it is amazing to think that this time, arriving in a completely strange new city, with virtually nil social contacts but a trusty map in hand, can actually start to feel familiar.

But it has been very enriching I must say – as I look back to the places I have stopped over, remember the things I have encountered, and think about the times I have spent alone, and with God. Maybe I’ll write more about some of the life things I’ve learned, next time, hah.

Day 0

Day 3

Day 14

Day 21 - but I'd like to think that my room's not usually this messy

Sorry about the lack of updates here – I was without access to the Internet for a few weeks.

I hope to get back to updating more often now!!

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I am leaving this livejournal.

And in real life, I am at the stage of preparing, too,
to move away again from where I was, and away from where I am.
After all these years, I still must move.

But I will be transferring this blog somewhere else –
I’ll update with the details here when I have things set up.

Take care, everyone; and thank you if you’re still reading.

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