Leaving PN Hospital

During the final few hours of my job… Aww.

So I have spent my first year as a doctor here in this hospital.
It has been a fun year of embarrassing mistakes and heroic decisions!

A tribute to the people and the place…

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Classes have finally ended today. I should now be able to concentrate better in studies, for the remaining two weeks, by God’s grace. (I’d better be!)

My SI group had an enjoyable and “intellectually stimulating” discussion session this morning. It was also the last time we would sit down together and figure our way through several patient cases. Tidying up, we bid goodbye to one another. We might meet again, we might not. It has been great working together, team.

In classical teacher-student farewell style, our lecturers, over the past few days, have been wishing the best to us in our future years in medical education, and in the medical profession. No doubt it will be a long journey that I do not even want to think much about right now.

I won’t be seeing many of my church friends too, after they finish their exams next week and leave. I have got to know them over the year(s), and I give thanks for everything.

Are things getting melodramatic? This is not unfamiliar.

And with me trying to cut down distractions, I won’t be paying as much attention to my lj (and probably everything else) until finals are over and done with. How will things be, I wonder, by then?

I am glad I’m alive. I even have this song that I love playing right now behind me.

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