It’s the time of the year again. There’s quite a lot for 2014, so this is just a selection of randoms, partly for fun. One thing I have deeply learned though, which I will say outside the list, is the importance of developing gospel-reflecting relationships with the people around us.

Anyways, here are some things I learned over the past year, about life!

  1. Adding a little salt when boiling corn enhances the flavour of the corn.
  2. You cut off the end part of the stems when someone gives you flowers, to prolong their life (in futility).
  3. The trick to housework is to do them in small but frequent amounts. Clean up something as soon as you see it, after shower or after cooking etc.
  4. I have always regretted the unkind words I have said, no matter how justified I believed they were at the time. And I have always been glad for the kind words I have said, no matter how unjustified I believed they were at the time.
  5. Removing the Facebook app from my phone is one of the best things I’ve done.
  6. A way to remember un-memorise-able cytogenetic details for exams (eg. t(x;18) for synovial sarcoma, 1p19q for astrocytomas) is to set them as your work passwords.
  7. You need to allocate time to maintain good things. Leather shoes and bags, the car, a tidy and fresh house, your own body. (Some may add “girls” onto the list, but I will definitely stay out of that one.)
  8. Taking out time to memorise Scripture is infinitely worth it. Not least of which is providing an anchor for my thoughts rather than letting them drift around to useless unhelpful things. (The mountain is not unscalable. In the last six months I’ve done five chapters.)
  9. One of the perks of living near the children’s hospital is being able to easily walk a short distance to sit down and watch kids play.
  10. Not wasting time is one of the hardest things to do.

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So another year has passed. Here are some things I learned over the past year, about, well, random things in life.

Let me know if you can relate (or would like to disagree with anything), and please share any tips of wisdom too!

  1. Don’t choose the spicy option for meals in the plane. Mucous production = harder time opening Eustachian tubes. For the same reason, don’t watch movies that make you cry in the plane (I won’t say anything more!).
  2. An apron is one of the best things I’ve bought in 2013. No joking. Wearing them gives me kitchen powers, and makes cooking several times more enjoyable.
  3. Getting your own business card feels good, but handing them out to patients means they (or their family members) will start searching you on the Internet. So I stopped.
  4. When one side of your car’s headlights is blown, replace both sides, because it means the other side is reaching the end of its life-span too.
  5. Cutting down and being much more selective with my media consumption made me realise just how much the movies I watch, games I play, songs I listen to, and things I read affect my expectations, emotions, and thinking — unconsciously. And how much time actually gets freed up too. I have found doing so really helpful for the purity of my mind and heart.
  6. Just as good music (and good food) can lift moods and make people happy, looking at art can do the same for me too. Going to an indie art market made me soo happy, like a little kid.
  7. Living in the CBD is really very fun because you can walk to almost anywhere without having to worry about parking or catching public transport. The downside, though, is that you have to walk all the way home hand-carrying your groceries.
  8. When renting (or buying) an apartment, don’t choose one that faces a main street unless it is a high-storey apartment. You will not be thankful for the noise when you sleep or open the windows. And people peek into apartments too.
  9. Gift-wrapping services in malls (that you pay a gold coin for) do a much better job than what I can only dream of! How do you even tie ribbons and make them match the designs of the floral wrapping paper. God bless the people who do them wholeheartedly.
  10. Although I have become very much more selective in buying clothes over the years, for some reason I still buy clothes that I don’t end up wearing. I don’t understand.

(Previous lists here: 2012, 2011.)

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Hello, here are some things I learned over the past year — about random things in life — in continuation from this post. If you can relate or have any tips of wisdom, please share too. Take care!

  1. Steak is easy to cook, eat, and clean up, but not cheap.
  2. Don’t drink strong milk coffee mid-morning thinking that it can replace breakfast… you’ll feel queasy for the next few hours and won’t feel like eating lunch till quite late, which messes up your afternoon. Bleh.
  3. Gaining lean weight takes a lot of work and is slower than you would think.
  4. Do not drive to Melbourne CBD on Friday nights when some sporting event is on! Unless you want to waste 2 hours in the car.
  5. If you know it is necessary for something to be done but don’t feel like doing it — just get on and do it! The earlier you do it, the more time you would have spared from torturing yourself.
  6. The quality of toilet paper is a reflection of how much the management values its customers / staff.
  7. Start the music first before putting on your earphones, especially when in the library. Otherwise, if things aren’t set up properly, everybody will hear your music from the computer/phone’s speakers except yourself (because your ears are plugged with earphones), and you’d be wondering why you can’t hear anything. Pretty embarrassing.
  8. Taking up 4 research projects in a year on top of work and study may sound doable when you’re single, but it means a lot of lonely weekends and evenings spent in the office… after about 6 months it gets quite tiring!
  9. Drawing is therapeutic for me.
  10. Wearing larger clothes doesn’t really make you look larger. Yeah, I’m the last person to learn this.
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