Princes and frogs

Superchic[k] is a rock/pop band. Contrary to what the name implies, Superchic[k] has boy members, who sing some of the songs. One of those songs is Song for Tricia (Princes and Frogs).

(Tricia is the lead singer of the band.)
The chorus of the song, in an almost chant-like mesmerizing fashion:

All princes start as frogs, and all gentlemen as dogs
Just wait till its plain to see
What we’re growing up to be
cause some frogs will still be frogs
Some dogs will still be dogs
but some boys can become men
Just don’t kiss us til then

Amusing, but oops- am I still a frog, or am I on the way to becoming a prince?? So what are the things that I still have to learn? Is my progress appalling (probably is)!?

And do I represent all boys when I agree with the song, as it sings out to the girls – just don’t kiss us til then? … Hah.

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