I am leaving this livejournal.

And in real life, I am at the stage of preparing, too,
to move away again from where I was, and away from where I am.
After all these years, I still must move.

But I will be transferring this blog somewhere else –
I’ll update with the details here when I have things set up.

Take care, everyone; and thank you if you’re still reading.

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… I found this on my bedside table, Sunday 11:30pm.

The perks of staying with a homestay family. Har har!

( On a side note, I hereby announce my aim to update this LJ weekly from now on!!
We’ll see how it goes, and thank you for reading so far! )

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Happy CNY 2009

Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese readers!

The markets, the sounds, the streets, the fireworks, the people, and of course the food (on top of not needing to cook when you’re hungry) – it is good to be home for CNY after a few years.

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